Ninja Format & Scoring

Wild Ninja has a similar format as seen on the TV show, American Ninja Warrior, where obstacles must be completed in progression.  Of course we’ve added many wild twists!

The Wild Ninja has fourteen 3-obstacle sets where points are accumulated as each obstacle is completed.  One twist in our format, is if you fail one of the 3 obstacles, you can still try the others in that set (animal challenge) for points. Wild Ninja is not for the faint of heart because that’s 42 obstacles over a 2 mile course!

Animal Challenges

14 Animal Challenges

The Ninja Course consists of 14 animal challenges.  Each of the 14 animal challenges includes 3 separate obstacles with progressive difficulty: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd or easy, medium, and hard.  Each competitor must attempt the obstacles in successive order: easy, medium and finally hard. Competitors score points for each obstacle completed.

One point is scored for each completed obstacle.  If you fail to complete any obstacle you will not be awarded points for that obstacle’s completion.   However, you can attempt the next obstacle if you choose. For example, if John fails to complete the 1st (easy) obstacle in the Pygmy Hippo animal challenge, he can attempt the next two obstacles (medium and hard) for points if he chooses. However, if he fails easy he cannot skip medium to attempt hard, he must attempt medium before hard.  


Don’t Become Extinct!

This is not a timed event, but success is measured on obstacle completion.  1 point is earned for every obstacle completed!  Participant’s points earned from each challenge and obstacle will be totaled for their final score.  According to the amount of points received, participants will be categorized into one of the 7 Red list categories shown in the chart on the right.  The total possible points for this competition is 42 points. The red list category for earning 42 points is LC – Least Concern.  The goal is to become least concern status, and earn the title “unlikely to become extinct in the near future”!

Animal Challenges

14 Animal Challenges


1. Giant Eland

Wall Jump: Climb over 4’.8”, 6’.8”  and 9’.8” tall walls.


2. Python


Log Weave: Climb along a series of logs through 12′, 12′ and 26′ long patterns.


3. African Penguin


Oil Spill: Climb over 4′, 5′, and 6′ tall wall of tires.


4. Jaguar


Tree Hoist: Carry a 40lb weight onto a 4′, 5′ and 6′ tall tree branch.


5. Orangutan

Person of the Forest: Cross floating logs, various hand grips and a cargo net.


6. Snow Leopard

Leopard Logs: Balance your away across large, skinny, and wobbly logs.


7. Siamang

Brachiation: Brachiate across hanging rings 12′, 24′ and 90′ long.


8. Spider Monkey

Bosu Balls, jungle swing and spin cycle.


9. Honey Badger

Trapeze bars, tilting frame, and wing nuts.


10. Pygmy Hippo

Quintuple steps, big spinning wheels, and fly wheels.


11. Black Mamba


Rope climb, slide rail, fly bar.


12. Dung Beetle

Floating bridge, salmon ladder, and ninja beater.


13. Komodo Dragon

Camelback, spinning wheels, and devil rungs.


14. Mountain Goat

Warped wall: 10′, 12′ and 14.5′ walls.


Tie Breaker: Bald Eagle


Komodo Dragon and Mountain Goat for speed.

This is for any participant that scores at least 31 points. They will repeat Camelback, spinning wheels, devil rungs, and Warped wall for speed.  All of the same obstacle rules apply except you can ascend any warped wall height, but time does not stop until you hit the bell on the top of the 14.5′ wall.

Spectator Map



Ninja spectators cannot follow along the entire trail with the participating ninjas. However, they can spectate Animal Challenges, 1 and 7-13 from the parking lot.

Ninja Team Competition

Gather your “herd” and prepare to face other herds in this battle against extinction. Herds will migrate together where they can support each other as they individually face each obstacle, earning points for each obstacle they complete. Any herd of at least 2 men and 2 women will automatically be entered into our team competition where the overall score of the 2 highest men and 2 highest women in each herd will be combined to reach the team’s score. 

View Race Results

Race results will be posted to our website after the completion of the competition.